Yuminashi 164cc Ultimate Set Tuning Maps – Honda Grom

Yuminashi 164cc Ultimate Set Tuning Maps – Honda Grom

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I will write a word down about setting the idle right and show you the new base map we have made on the Dyno so that you can start from there.

The base map has been made with the stock throttle body and air filter box, but with the restriction removed inside the air filter box.

Our recommendation to get your idle right is to go to the (TRIM) SETUP tab, and to take a look how much volts (TPS) you have at this moment at idle.

I can recommend you to unlock the nut at your throttle body, and to adjust the screw which is pushing at the lever from your butterfly valve until you see 0.5 volts on your screen, now(v.) at the (TRIM) SETUP tab.

Once you’re done with that, go to the IGN degree (Tps) values, and change first the throttle position percentage at the left hand side, and the RPM range on top (both beams in purple color) and change your values to the once you see on the screen print here.

Do the same with the INJ-VE (Map) and the INJ-VE (Tps) map which you can see below.

Make sure that you have entered 29 at the 1 TPS area (1% line, left hand side corner) in the IGN degree (Tps) map for the first 3 values at the 1% tps line, then go to the INJ VE (Map) and enter 7.5 at the same first 3 values, and 7.5 at the first 3 values in the INJ VE (Tps) field.

If you did all of that, then you can start to adjust your idle with your air adjust screw (black plastic screw), if you turn right, then you allow less air to enter in the engine, which makes your AFR ratio richer and will lower RPM’s.
If you screw to the left, your RPM’s will rise again and your air fuel ratio will become leaner.

If you turn to much to the left to have more air for a certain fuel amount, then you’re overdoing it, you can adjust then the value of the fuel amount at your INJ ADJ (Tps) map field to get the same result, where you again then can turn to the left or the right to allow more or less air to enter in the engine to fine tune it…

Try to get 14.7 AFR at idle on your wideband O2 sensor.
I know the value at idle will be jumping up and down between 14 and 15 AFR, but that’s ok.

!!!!Don’t forget to right click at the AFR meter on your screen and to select “wide band”, otherwise you get values which make no sense at all, and don’t forget to select with your mouse the mode 1 or 2!!

If you have the jumper installed, then you are working in mode 2.

Like this you should be fine to get your idle right…

Concerning the entire new base map, you need to enter all the values from the IGN degree (TPS) map above.
We have made this very simple with this map to enter and to have good results…

These are the values for the INJ VE (Map):

And these are the values for the INJ VE (Tps) map:

Very important to know is to leave the IGN degree (TPS) and INJ VE (Map) as you see them on these screen prints, don’t make changes on these!…

If you want to make changes on your AFR ratio, then do them in the INJ VE (Tps) map where the base settings are like you can see them here:

You can change the settings from the enrichment correction based on the settings as you can see them over here:

Like this you should be able to set your idle right Hedrick, and to have a good base map for your tune…

I hope this poast can be useful to you and other forum members who need a help with this…

Looking forward to read how well or where you needed to adjust this base map Hedrick…

(The information from the settings and downloads can be found at this page)

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