How to auto-capitalize keyboard/entry in xamarin forms

How to auto-capitalize keyboard/entry in xamarin forms


The Keyboard class also has a Create factory method that can be used to customize a keyboard by specifying capitalization, spellcheck, and suggestion behavior



KeyboardFlags enumeration values are specified as arguments to the method, with a customized Keyboard being returned. The KeyboardFlags enumeration contains the following values:
  • None – no features are added to the keyboard.
  • CapitalizeSentence – indicates that the first letter of the first word of each entered sentence will be automatically capitalized. 
  • Spellcheck – indicates that spellcheck will be performed on entered text.
  • Suggestions – indicates that word completions will be offered on entered text.
  • CapitalizeWord – indicates that the first letter of each word will be automatically capitalized. 
  • CapitalizeCharacter – indicates that every character will be automatically capitalized. 
  • CapitalizeNone – indicates that no automatic capitalization will occur. 
  • All – indicates that spellcheck, word completions, and sentence capitalization will occur on entered text.
The following XAML code example shows how to customize the default Keyboard to offer word completions and capitalize every entered character:
  • <Entry Placeholder=“Enter text here”>  
  • <Entry.Keyboard>  
  •     <Keyboard x:FactoryMethod=“Create”>  
  •         <x:Arguments>  
  •             <KeyboardFlags>CapitalizeWord</KeyboardFlags>  
  •         </x:Arguments>  
  •     </Keyboard>  
  • </Entry.Keyboard>  
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